Coronavirus Protocols

What are we doing to protect others during these extreme times with regards to Coronavirus?
Our business premises are located on our residential property
  • With our staff stay at home, we are doing all the work to avoid outside contact.
  • We are not allowing access to our production premises to anyone who does not reside on-site.
  • We will put a pair of latex gloves on the outside of every box. (Explained Below)
  • We always follow normal food & hygiene regulations which already makes production safe.
  • We avoid contact with the delivery driver.
  • We will be double-boxing products, so the outer box can be removed and disposed of and the inner box will not have made contact with anyone outside of our safe zone. This will come into effect later this week once our boxes have been delivered.
How to use the gloves provided
When your product is ready for the courier, it will be placed in a location where the courier will collect, we will not have personal contact with the collector. Your items will be sealed within the box as normal, when you receive your box, you can cut open the sleeve and remove the pair of gloves, those gloves can be used to open the box and remove the tape, at which point the gloves can been discarded as all items within the box have been packed to the highest standard. The gloves are only being provided as another level of protection for when the item/s are delivered.
We are a family owned, managed and run business. So we will ensure that we do the right thing, so you can do the right thing for your guests & customers.
How to unpack the products
As a suggestion, we would like to suggest that when the products are delivered, please use the gloves provided if you prefer, however, gloves can still carry germs, so once you are done using them, please discard them and wash your hands as normal.
Once you have removed the tape and opened the box, the contents of the box have been kept free from anyone contaminated, so this is the point where you use clean washed hands to unpack the products.
Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) advice for the public
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