About Us

About Us

About Printed Chocolates A South Wales based chocolatier has launched a new business providing a fun edible alternative to business cards. Lee Ann Smith has launched her new company Printed Chocolates after 12 years in web design and is looking to roll out the novelty delicacies across retailers and hospitality venues across the UK. Speaking of her new found passion, Mrs Smith said: ‘‘People can’t get over how fantastic the chocolates look; they really do offer that something extra special. Businesses are always looking out for innovative ways to achieve brand recognition – so what better way than to offer a tasty treat to new contacts.’’


How do you print on to chocolate?

We keep that top secret. After all, it is what makes us unique! Only the owners of Printed Chocolates Ltd know how this is done, and we keep it strictly “under wraps”. We have combined our love of chocolate with our love of technology, and have created the perfect way to delight customers, wedding guests, supporters etc.

What can you print on to chocolate?

We can print logos, images, and photographs. We can print anything from a single colour design to full colour photographs.

Do you create the artwork or do we send you the artwork?

The choice is yours. You can send us print ready artwork, and we will let you know dimensions and quality requirements when you place your order. We will need high resolution images and logos from our clients. Alternatively, we can create the artwork for you.

Does your edible ink have e-numbers?

Yes. However, it is a trace amount. The amount of ink we use is so minimal it is impossible to calculate how much is really used. We estimate the coverage to be 1 square metre to 1ml of ink. Printing on chocolate is very different to printing on paper.

What is the shelf life of your chocolates?

Unfilled printed chocolates have a shelf life of up to 9 months. Chocolates filled with ganache or salted caramel, have a shorter shelf life of 6 – 8 weeks.

What preservatives do you use in your chocolates?

We do not use any preservatives in our unfilled, printed chocolates. In the filled chocolates with ganache centres, we use honey as a natural preservative.

Do your chocolates contain palm oil?

Absolutely Not! Palm oil is not needed in chocolate. Although many shop bought chocolates contain palm oil, we prefer our chocolates to be as close to natural chocolate as possible. There is a lovely, hard, crisp, snap, when you break our chocolates. Palm oil (along with other vegetable fats) helps to keep chocolates softer, which means no quality snap – which is the true chocolatier’s “cherry on the cake”. It is a sign of properly tempered chocolate, and a mark of quality.

Why do you have minimum orders?

Our chocolates are a high end, boutique product. They are all lovingly handmade, and printed to order for each individual client. We need to have small minimum orders for us to justify the time spent on design and print. It takes just as long to set up and print one bar as it does to print 20.

How far in advance should we order?

We do not have a set time scale for orders. However, as each order is made especially for you, so it’s best to get your order in as early as possible.