17th August 2021

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

Wow, what a year it’s been. How did we all manage to keep going, with so much uncertainty it’s been made even harder not knowing when “Normal” would be normal again!

How did we survive?

Supplying other Chocolatiers:

We have managed to scrape through the year by supplying a few other Chocolatiers with our amazing Printed Chocolates! Thank goodness their businesses were retail and set up for online sales, which means that they kept afloat – It also meant that they needed to find products that fitted in with their own handmade chocolates and allowed them to offer something unique to their online customers… Needless to say, we were HAPPY to Oblige!

Launched our own online range over Christmas:

We launched a new range of Chocolate Characters that were based on our Gingerbread Man mould and turned it into 8 awesome characters! They were so popular that we sold nearly 10,000 of them in 6 weeks. We worked, day and night to meet the demand of these cute characters, we also had several other awesome Christmas Chocolates which we made and shipped out!

Had Family Fun:

For us, we spent so much family time together… Guilt-Free family time. It was amazing. Although we were not allowed to travel (even to the beautiful Pembrokeshire beaches, just 10 minutes away) we learned to enjoy being home. Darian (8 at the time) learned to play Chess – he is awesome at it! And Nathan (2 at the time) just learned to play and have fun!

Now What??

We are ready – ready for our Printed Chocolates to start making their way to you – for you to start using our Printed Chocolates to show your guests how you’ve missed them, how happy you are to have them back or even just send them a little treat for coming back to you after all this time away!
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17th August 2021

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